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How marketers can use social media to its full potential

The marketing world and the social media go hand-in-hand – or at least they should. Social media platforms enable marketers to stay connected with existing customers while increasing brand awareness to attract new clients. However, many companies don’t use the social to its full potential, so here are five steps to help those struggling...

1. Be brand new
What I mean by ‘be brand new’ is keeping your social media profile fresh and publishing new content. Social media is always moving forward with constant updates of news, information, stories and more, so there just isn’t any time to stay static and post the same old things. This is what marketers should tap into on the social media, and that is where creativity comes into play. People will enjoy staying connected because of the quality being ‘brand new’.

2. Be present on every social media site
Marketers should make full use of every social media site such Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and even the ones seemingly not so effective. Having a good balance is necessary, because users tend to utalise different platforms for different reasons. It isn’t worth simply doing what you’ve always been used to, but exploring more on different technologies will help marketers to gain more customers.

3. Analyse online behaviour
Another way to take full advantage of the social media is analysing online behaviour in order to have an overview of what works best for customers, followers and as well as marketers themselves. This will also help marketers answer questions such as: “How many people are sharing my post” and “What do people draw towards more on my site”. These are some questions marketers would generally want to know and social analytic can provide these insights.

4. Keep profile attractive
It's vital that brands to keep their online profile fresh and up-to-date for various reasons. Some reasons are because it shows the audience that you are moving forward and not staying static and the most obvious reason is to attract your target audience by giving them something new.

5. Keep things short and sweet
Popular social media site such as Twitter has boundaries to its word count. Twitter for instance have a 140-character limit, and when posting content it’s generally good practice to keep things short and sweet as this is more likely to create a better engagement with the audience. And just like news stories, journalists always include the most important part at the top so they don’t lose their audience.