How marketing has changed since you were a student

Whether you studied marketing at college, attended personal development courses in your job or just taught yourself as you went along, we’ve all been schooled in the thought that ‘Marketing is the right product, in the right place, at the right time’.

 We don’t dispute this wisdom – it does a pretty good job of explaining what we all do day in, day out, in a few words. But each element has changed, thanks to the digital revolution and marketing automation – here’s what we think it means now.

Right Product

With the wide-ranging tracking and reporting tools that marketing automation delivers, you can now see what products and services people are interested in and what they think about the products and services they’ve already bought. Then you adapt your product marketing strategies and communications to deliver it.

Identify which stage of the buying cycle prospects are at through their Digital Body Language, then segment to receive the right communication about the product’s features, moving them onto the next stage of the sales cycle. 

You can gather crucial information about the length of the sales cycle for each product and the paths that buyers typically take to reach decision stage so that you constantly adapt your product marketing strategy to get better results.  There are some good tips in this article for delivering the right product information at the right time in the right place:5 Tips for Automating the Tactical and Increasing Efficiency

Right Place

Marketing automation lets you speak to your customers and prospects in the right place. You can see whether they respond better to emails, carry out searches to find your website or hang out in social media spaces debating the merits of your products and services. Then you simply deliver campaigns that target them in the right place to drive response rates up.Discover how the marketing team at Forex Capital Markets used marketing automation to deliver their campaigns in the right place and increased their effectiveness by 400%.

 Right Time

The real-time data delivered through marketing automation means that you can now even call people as they’re clicking on your site or tweeting about your product. You can also send them a targeted email linking them to the right content that can help turn that lead from cold to warm to hot. But it’s the automated lead nurturing that really lets you deliver at the right time – with the right content and automated campaigns in place, you can ensure that you deliver the product information that has already been identified for that stage of the buyer journey.Find out more in this article about how marketing automation can enhance your relationships with your prospects and customers.

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