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How not to hyper-personalise

With so many possibilities available it’s easy to overdo it with personalisation and turn off customers. Beware of the four mistakes below to avoid failure:

Make it obvious

It’s easy to freak out potential prospects by over-sharing information. Making it obvious you’ve been tracking individual’s actions through data is a real turn-off and could scare prospects away for good.

Ignore the data

Understand your data inside out, so you know what is valuable and what isn’t. This will save you time later down the line.

Stalk your social media followers

Contacting all your followers directly on social networks, whether it’s Twitter or LinkedIn, seems spammy, and (honestly) slightly desperate.

Start off big

To ensure your campaign is a success, start slowly and test, test, test. This means you can focus your long-term spending on what will definitely work.