How to plan your marketing budget for 2021

Planning your B2B marketing budget for 2021 may be a good thing to do before the recovery gathers pace. Coming off the back of a turbulent year for all, especially those in services businesses, marketing faces great uncertainty. 

Frustration and furlough or feats and fortitude, B2B marketers faced very different fortunes in 2020 depending on industry and clientele. Many will feel pressure to justify their role and prove indispensable to their employer by getting their head down where others will be hoping for breathing space to budget in December.

2021 brings the prospect of heightened internal competition for budgets and ever greater scrutiny of marketing spend, which means that it pays to plan ahead. With the longer purchasing cycles in b2b, we look at how to get a head start planning your marketing budget for 2021.

Now is the time to think about 2021 and to showcase the breadth and depth of talents that all the best b2b marketers know their business needs. Make sure that your sales teams and key accounts have the budgets aligned and activities planned in to keep that lead pipeline flowing freely.

If you are looking for answers to start your budgeting, such as the steps to take, why you need to start now and how to ask for more budget, our article has you covered.

Find out how to plan ahead, what to include and where you might turn for help.

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