How to Secure Business Confidentiality

Everyone is protective of their personal and private information. If you multiply that several times over then you have the scenario of a company running its business in an ever more competitive environment. It would be extreme to suggest that employees in a company cannot discuss their work with family and friends but every business wants to know that no one else can get hold of its documentation.

The Power of Paper

While in today’s world many things are saved in electronic form, the idea of a paperless office which was once mooted has been largely dismissed as impractical. There are still regular meetings held within departments that involve employees sitting with files of paper for discussion. Directors who sit down for regular board meetings do so with the minutes of the previous meeting and departmental reports in hard copy.

Whilst it is normal office practice for those papers to be prepared by members of staff it is important that papers are not simply put in the rubbish bin when they are no longer needed. It makes sense that such papers are shredded so that no one else can read them.


Confidential Shredding is a service that will ensure that private papers are only for the eyes of those that are authorised. Years ago shredders were fairly basic and sometimes it was possible to resurrect the information from shredded documents. Back in 1979 the US Embassy in Tehran was occupied and the simple strip shredder that the Americans used as Iranians were gaining entry was not sophisticated enough to stop the Iranians reconstructing the pages. They actually used skilled carpet weavers to do it. It was of propaganda value only. Years later, in East Germany, many days and weeks were spent trying to recreate the documents that were shredded before its downfall.

Simple shredders will only create 34 pieces from a single sheet. The most sophisticated these days will produce a hundred times that number. It does mean it is impractical to reconstruct shredded pages in any sensible time frame as long as they are shredded properly.

Secure Process

The actual process of shredding documentation must be secure. That means the storage of the documents, their transportation to the shredding location and supervision whilst the work is being done. There are many companies that are then happy to recycle the shreds for a new life. Sometimes all the detail of documentation shredded will be stored electronically. That will be the only means by which the information can be accessed in the future.

There is no room for complacency in business. The costs involved in ensuring that all a company’s information remains private whether in hard copy or electronic form are minimal relative to the potential harm that unauthorised access may create.