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How To Successfully Rebrand

An old fashioned, out-of-date website full of royalty free stock images is likely to make people think ‘low quality’ about your products or services. If you need to make simple changes to your online site, please read this further.

A rebranding campaign is never easy or convenient, however it can be a significant improvement to your profitability in the long run. Sadly there are plenty of horror stories out there, highlight the mistakes some brands have made over the years. With so many elements that are attached to a rebranding strategy, how can a business prepare for success?

1. Hire the Right People

Professional Designers and Photographers

Don’t think you need to do everything in house. Once the decision to rebrand has been made, implementing it becomes a companywide initiative that touches every department. A rebrand includes more than just a new logo. It's a new vision that needs to be accurately represented across all channels and touch points. From letter head, printed material, packaging, promotion, vehicles, advertising, all the way up to sales and more. Invest some budget towards hiring the best professionals you can afford who are able to translate your key messages into interesting modern images or illustrative appealing design.

Tech and IT support

Ensure your guys know your values and aims inside out. Just because they are not customer front-facing, it does not mean they need to be kept in the dark.

2. Communicate, communicate, communicate

Whether you're educating your employees or your customers about the decision to rebrand, communications should be ongoing and transparent from the beginning and throughout. Nobody likes change, therefore ensure your employees, stakeholders and customers are behind you and understand what you are doing.

Rebranding requires uncovering deep-seeded company values and collecting objective stakeholder feedback. It also requires analytic and creative thinking about what the brand needs to become in order for the new positioning and brand platform to meet all business objectives, help the brand [re]connect with audiences, and inspire action. Employees have a role in making sure the new brand's aims carry the transparency ‘factor’ of its stakeholders, suppliers, friends and customers.

3. Promotion

If you already work with a SEO, PPC or digital PR agency, you need to ensure your account teams are kept informed right from the beginning of your decision. It is crucial they understands what key words, messages and facts need to be promoted, whilst your values and ethos hopefully remain the same. If you don’t, you may want to invest some time and resources in exploring how social media and digital marketing can help your business making more sales.

If you choose the right support people to help you with implementing the rebrand, the necessary changes will be much easier to finalise and action.  All vitals factors for the success of any rebranding campaign.