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How to Syndicate Content Through Your Own People

OK, so you’ve got a new solution to talk about.  You create a press release… you talk about it via your corporate social media sites… you add it to your channel newsletters… you stick it on your intranet. Job done.  Fly my beauty, fly…

Or will it?  Have your channel managers told their partners exactly what’s in it for them?  Have your direct-touch teams let their end-user prospects know about the benefits of the new solution?  Have your partners told their own end-users about it?

The trend of integrating social media into internal communications has been on the rise for a while, with the term ‘the social intranet’ being bandied about more and more.  But the real question is… are your people syndicating content as well as they could?

Imagine then, a different scenario.  Marketing presses the ‘go’ button on a fantastic new SMB solution you’ve just launched.  Within seconds, your channel managers receive the appropriate partner/ benefit-led content relating to the solution. At the touch of a button they repost this content via their own LinkedIn accounts and inform all their partner/ channel contacts.

At the same time, your direct-touch sales staff receive their content about the launch in real-time, but now with an end-user spin. They are able to share that information with their own base of followers, be prospects or customers, via LinkedIn and Twitter, even reaching specific social ‘groups’ with the content.

Simultaneously, your channel partners receive their own version of the end-user announcement and can repost it in a matter of 3 clicks on their own social media networks, reaching out to prospects and end-users you have no direct connection with.

Nirvana? Yes.  Realistic?  Most definitely.

Not only have you achieved real-time communication of your product launch, you’ve also targeted the content with precision in a matter of seconds to all tiers of your channel including your own people internally.  Now that’s pretty neat eh?