How tech can help amplify your story

We all know that stories have stood the test of time, with humans telling tales around campfires since the Stone Age. These tales have always been anecdotal, and passed down from generation to generation. But then technology came along and threatened to dilute and kill stories for good.

However, the explosion of social media in the early 2000s enabled everyone to become storytellers. The digitisation of stories turned brands into publishers, and enabled them to tell stories in a new way to wider audiences.

This new medium of storytelling only served to reinforce how stories are critical to every area of our lives – even business.

Tech tools
However, it’s not just social networks that provide a space for brands to amplify their narratives. There are some exciting new digital tools available to aid creativity; and allow the audience to play an active role in stories. Here are just three:

Launched late last year, Rockafella Foundation-backed Hatch made waves with its mission to build the next generation of storytelling help for companies. The platform is broken down into five sections – strategy, content, capacity, platform and evaluation. Users receive helpful case studies and advice from Hatch’s storytelling thought leader community who want to help organisations craft and refine their narrative. This is a promising storytelling tool if the community network continues to grow.

Next is Cowbird. It aims to be the ‘world’s simplest and most beautiful storytelling tool’. It enables users to create multimedia stories with audio, images, text and other features. It has proved a popular tool for those telling short narratives.

Another great community platform for data visualisation and creating infographics quickly is Visually. Not only does it offer free infographic templates to create a visual narrative to cut through the noise, if you have a basic story idea Visually includes a feature that can find the data for you.

We are now living in the age of shared information. By harnessing technology, brands can create and amplify their messages to ensure they resonate with customers. The tools are available to help marketers develop a story quickly and easily.