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How to … understand cloud technology

Cloud computing is just getting beyond the early adoption phase but within the next 3-5 years, I predict that the business world will see cloud technology like we see Internet on mobile phones today. It just makes sense. However for now it’s still relatively unknown so here are some tips on how to best maximize its use in your business:

  • The cloud it allows everything to be available from any connected device; by putting your files, documents and other work in the cloud, it means that you, or anyone else that you allow, can access those things from any mobile, tablet or computer that is connected to the internet. This means that you can save time, effort and money by not having to travel to one specific location to get your work done, thus enhancing productivity.
  • The software is rented, opposed to owned, which means that cloud solutions are available at a low monthly cost instead of a big upfront price, allowing funds to be spent evenly opposed to significant purchase fees, freeing up capital for other requirements.
  • Cloud technology allows multiple people in the business access to the same applications. This is a vital element to ensure the best individuals to work on a given project and make the required amendments to ensure the work is of the highest level possible.
  • There are a wide variety of software providers and programmes and choosing the correct for your company is vital to its success. Take time to find out exactly what you need from cloud technology and then research the format (private, public or hybrid cloud) that best meets your requirements.
  • There are lots of applications available on the market; some are specifically designed to grow with your business as it becomes more sophisticated and complex. But not all SMEs will aspire to growth but instead plan to stay the size they are - so ensure your choice has the correct capacity and flexibility that is required.