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How to use social media during an event to maximise coverage

Social media is an event’s best friend. Both before and after, it is imperative for a company to utilise social media channels in order to maximize the events coverage. However, while it’s a no-brainer to hype up an event via Facebook and twitter, and relive and discuss the highlights afterwards via articles, pictures, and blogs, it’s equally as important to encourage discussion while the event is happening. Following up with last week’s post on tips of how to utilize social media pre-event, outlined below is advice on how to generate the most coverage of your event while it’s happening.

  • Comment on the live event to raise immediate awareness to a wider audience – perhaps driving them to web pages and further content such as a live streaming sites and photo albums
  • Photography plays a huge role in social media. Use photos and videos to showcase how fabulous an event it is, as all the creative messaging guests experience can now be shared with a wider audience through the social media reportage.Post your location at the event showing off where this exciting occasion is taking place
  • There are a billion photos on Instagram and 300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day. A huge portion of these pictures are generated by events. From pictures of celebrity guests, to the latest fashion collection at a show, to selfies of oneself as proof of attendance – events set the stage for pictures to be taken, and by giving guests time and resources to take pictures, you can be sure you will be getting a return on investment. Not to mention the rise of the micro-video, in which more and more social platforms are starting to support. Videos are the perfect opportunity to remind guests how fun the event was, and act as an enticing hook for a wider public audience digging for interesting content.
  • Use your creativity to inspire guests and prompt photo moments, video opps, and details to comment on generating social interaction from guests –from photo booths and step and repeat boards to pose in front of, to compelling design features and beautifully presented food
  • We recommend giving guests free wifi access codes, and charging stations to ensure they can use their smart phones. If budget allows, including on site photographers to assist with picture taking can be very helpful in generating event buzz.
  • Use social media to showcase links to sponsors and high profile celebrities, performers, or guests who are involved. If there are charities that the event is supporting, include the names of those as well.
  • Showcase the hashtag prominently and stylishly so guests know what references to include in their post. Original presentation is very important in capturing guests’ attention.
  • Invite well respected bloggers and journalists to review and make comments about the event on social media, or link to their reviews on social media.