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How Wide Is The Gap Between Business And People? IBM Paints A Picture.

We found the chart below through Ed Cotton's Influx blog.

It's from an IBM white paper that reveals findings from a study that looked at the reasons why people engage with social media.It clearly demonstrates how differently business people think from "everyday" people.

This is both the challenge and opportunity of emotive branding.Emotive branding is about turning things upside down and looking at them from a new perspective.It's about starting with the needs, beliefs, interests and aspirations of people and then seeing how the bits and pieces of your business can relate in meaningful ways.

That can be hard to do, because as the chart illustrates, business people have learned to operate from the inside out - ironically, that's called "good management".

But companies that do work from the outside in (think Apple, Zappos, etc) are showing that an empathetic, symbiotic relationship with people (employees, customers, partners, etc) yields significant benefits.

More important, thinking from the outside in helps these leaders construct more agile and robust businesses that can readily and easily adapt to change.

Emotive branding helps you think from the outside in.It helps you bridge the gap between your brand and the people vital to its success. It brings you and people closer together on a new, more meaningful level.Best of all, it changes how it feels for you to do business with people, and how it feels for people to do business with you.



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