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Hybrid Marketing - Why One Approach isn’t Good Enough

If you sold out for one marketing approach, like some investors did for Facebook stock, how many leads would you generate? Hybrid marketing allows different approaches to professional branding to work together for you. There are several vehicles you can use to build your brand, and many of these can lead to opportunities in other areas. If the end goal is to generate revenue, then your subgoal should be generating leads, and hitting multiple channels with your brand is the path to recognition.

What Are My Options?

Speaking engagements, guest publishing, social media, video branding, and book publishing are fundamentally different in their approaches to professional branding, but ultimately, their goal is the same: to boost revenue by generating leads and business. Before you decide which avenue(s) you’d like to take, you must set your goals and then use these approaches to reach them.

A guest contributor to a reputable publication, if seen by the right person, can get a lead for a speaking opportunity, a guest analyst spot on a news segment, or even a book deal. They are “vehicles” for a reason – these professional branding techniques get you from where you are to where you want to be. But you have to drive them, and drive them hard.

Hybrid Marketing Brought to Life

One approach may prove to be more effective than another, but it’s always a good idea to keep an open mind when deciding where to put your focus. Try to be open to all types of marketing, and allow various types to work together. If individual strategies can glide seamlessly into each other, then you’re more likely to see your brand, as a whole, gain recognition. Picture this scenario:

1st Channel

A reputable publication has asked you to write a piece, so you oblige and while giving them great content, you also tie in your business and how it can bring value to your audience. You even throw a link in the article (enter SEO).

2nd Channel

This link helps with SEO strategy because your audience can either 1) click directly from the publication to your site, or 2) search for more information on the source of this valuable article. They start searching, and even better, they start talking – to you, to friends, to social media followers. Reputation management? Check.

3rd Channel

Now your reputation/brand management is actually being polished, without you spending any extra money or time on it. Your audience has begun to work for you, and give you due credit, because of the value you’ve brought them.

You’ve just pushed two other branding strategies by focusing on one article for a publication. If you truly bring value to a customer, then hybrid marketing can be a well-oiled machine that runs itself. Yes, it needs a push, but if you’re devoted, this brand of yours can take off with a head of steam; your reputation alone will begin to generate leads. The audience can drive your brand for you, but only if you have multiple channels (hybrid marketing) available for them to see.

Become the Industry “Expert”

A dedicated focus on hybrid marketing can be the key factor in reaching your goals. Gaining revenue stems from leads, so focus on generating these leads by hitting the multiple channels that are available. You want to be considered an expert? You want your innovative ideas inspiring and leading an industry? Then make yourself the go-to person every time someone uses a search engine, reads an article, or becomes a “fan.”

Conviction in your craft, an unparalleled work ethic, and hybrid marketing strategies are the key components to success. Put the necessary pieces in play, and implement strategies that let your arsenal work together. You’ll find that people begin to look to you for advice; they’ll need your services to help them succeed. You’re no longer just a player in this game; instead, you have effectively become the expert, leading the field.