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IE 10

Microsoft’s new Internet Explorer campaign delivers a refreshingly honest message.

Bill Gates’ old company seems to have turned a corner, particularly with regards to innovation and marketing. And its new ad for IE10 serves as a great case in point.

The campaign, primarily aimed ex-Internet Explorer users, acknowledges the browser isn’t really seen as the go to guy for modern, sleek internet experiences.

Over the course of a few Pinterest-inspired screens, the microsite, ‘,’ tells the story of how Microsoft has taken on board the criticisms levelled against its once industry-leading product and redesigned it, with the demands of the modern internet user in mind.

Sample quotes from the site include the one below:

The browser looks very impressive, and the site does an excellent job of convincing the visitor that if they were to take IE10 for a spin they’d probably be pretty impressed.

Time will tell whether people are willing to turn their backs on their iPads and Androids. But by investing in forward-thinking technologies and by spreading the word in more interesting ways than getting people to say ‘I'm a PC and Windows 7 was my idea,’ Microsoft is definitely giving itself a fighting chance...

*I also really like the supporting ‘Child of the 90s’ video that complements the campaign. Though that may be more to do with the fact that I used to have a pair the of the reebok pumps included in the nostalga-packed video than anythign else.