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If this doesn't happen in 2012....

The Peloton, business film makers, have a number of thoughts on Content Marketing in 2012 an Video's place within it. Here are 6 predictions for the new year...

1 - Content and context. Though there is a pretty unanimous opinion that producing engaging and professional content will be the focus of marketing depts in 2012, what does get forgotten is its distribution. There is a horror story of a corporate brand who paid £100,000 to make a superb film related to the brands identity which after 2 months had received 21 plays on its Youtube channel. Before any content is made the distribution of the film has to be planned. It can (and should) affect the story of the film.

2. Publishers can be partners too. Publishers have the access to your audience and are also great content makers who know how to communicate to the audience. Use them. They can be your content team. Quite often the leader in a field might be too costly and charge big premiums for access. However smaller and more niche publishers will always worked twice as hard and for nothing like the cost of the leaders.

3. 2012 is the year of video. People are more and more time pressed. Execs need information quickly, website users have a lower attention span (sadly). Video gets information to the receipient quickly and saves on reading through reams and reams of information until they reach the part they want. Its amazing how much can be communicated in a 3 and a half minute film.

4. Jobs aplenty. For all of those journalists, copywriters and creatives that have hit skid row. Fear not. If your redundancy money can still keep you, there will be work from brands, publishers, content agencies and The Peloton which will be able to put a smile back on your face and allow ideas to flow all over again. It may not be permanent work but then everyone does their best work freelance.

5. Get social, get mobile. Taking traditional desktop content and reformatting for a mobile screen doesn't help anyone – you or your audience. When someone is visiting your website from a mobile device, they need content that fits their mindset, Quick, easy, digestible, actionable and retraceable. You can't ignore mobile devices for your content delivery so plan it in early.

6. Interactive video. Video as everyone is predicting will be rife in 2012 and beyond. How rife will it be though when it can be measured and the video commissioner gets tangible results. Interactive video does that. We agree with Joel Harrison editor of B2b marketing when he says 2012 will be the year of video... Only we think that interactive video is what could drive it into the stratosphere.