If the proof is in the pudding then content marketing is your homemade apple pie

At every stage of the funnel marketers find content marketing valuable.

In B2B Marketing we rely on a huge range of tactics to achieve a number of (seemingly) disparate goals.  But there’s one tactic marketers at every stage of funnel find valuable: content marketing.

Below is a chart from the Content Marketing Institute’s 2012 B2B Content Marketing Report. As you can see, content is a favorite for every stage of the funnel – from awareness to generating leads to renewals.

Content can be crafted and re-purposed for just about any goal, whether that’s warming up leads or just getting your name out there.

But content marketing is a favorite in B2B circles because of the relatively low costs. Recently, Eloqua and Kapost took a look at how the costs of producing content stacked against paid search, and found that a content strategy decreases in cost while rising in return over time.

Content, in my opinion, represents the most flexible and possibly efficient tool in the marketer’s toolbox.

To find out more about content marketing then visit the Eloqua Grande Guide to Content Marketing http://www.eloqua.com/grande/Grande_Guide_To_B2B_Content_Marketing.html