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If you’re not on mobile, you’re not anywhere

We are a nation of device addicts, constantly on our smartphones and tablets, paying less attention to traditional advertising on the tube, at the bus stop and on billboards. Brands need to embrace cross media initiatives, digitising their assets such as shop windows, posters and magazine adverts in order to help them reach consumers on different devices.

Imagine a consumer is scrolling through the news on their smartphone at a bus stop when they see an advert for money off something they are interested in at a local supermarket. This is where mobile technologies can help. The consumer can use their mobile to tap the NFC tag on the poster, which downloads an app directly to their phone. Later in the week they walk past the supermarket they now have an app for, and the in-store Bluetooth beacons trigger the offer they had downloaded previously, displaying a message on their phone. This not only increases sales in the short term, but can help build positive brand association, leading to repeat business.

Several high profile retailers are embracing these technologies and using their advertising assets to build relationships with consumers. For example, Harrods has used NFC and QR codes to celebrate the expansion of its luxury accessories range. The department store enhanced its traditional physical window display with a digital add on, enabling consumers to tap and receive exclusive behind the scenes footage from designers and tweet about their experience, driving engagement through the phone.

Similarly, Argos is enhancing its in-store assets via mobile. Its staff are currently wearing NFC enabled lanyards encouraging people to take advantage of offers. Customers can also tap in-store cards to download the Argos mobile app, enabling them to make purchases on the go, increasing online sales. It is great to see established brands updating their advertising assets, embracing ubiquitous mobile use and using technology to connect with consumers in new ways.

I believe marketers should go one step further and use the data collected to plan their future campaigns more effectively. NFC tags and Bluetooth beacons provide brands with an opportunity to track assets and discover which locations and types of adverts are leading to sales and which are not, providing them with information which they can use to update their future advertising strategy.

It is up to brands, retailers and marketers to connect their physical and digital assets via mobile to increase consumer engagement, retail sales and loyalty.

By Neil Garner, CEO and Founder, Proxama.