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Improve Direct Mail Marketing by Focusing on These 3 Areas

Generating leads through direct mail marketing is a challenge. This doesn’t mean you should abandon your efforts. If you don’t see the value in print marketing, it’s time to think again. According to a recent survey commissioned by Two Sides, a non-profit organization, 70% of Americans (including 69% of 18 to 24 year olds) state they “prefer to read print & paper communications than reading off a screen.” In order to increase direct mail leads, focus on these 3 components of your direct mail marketing campaign.


Copy is one of the most important sectors of direct mail campaigns. Each marketing campaign is geared to a specific audience and your copy needs to do the same. Anytime you send something out, you need to check for grammar and spelling errors as well as keep these two things in mind:

  • Make sure you have a call to action (CTA) on every marketing message you send out. Encourage everyone and anyone who comes across your campaign to try a free product, visit your site, clip a coupon, etc. and keep them moving in the direction you want.
  • Appeal to your target audience’s emotions. Just as with cold calls, you want to appeal to your potential customer’s personality before you pitch. Your product’s features and capabilties should be written to explain how they benefit your target audience.


The design of your marketing message says a lot about your business, your brand, and your product. Make sure images are high-quality and that you find a balance between the content and the design. You’re design can’t overpower the message you’re promoting. Depending on your industry and audience, different designs are more effective.

  • If you are appealing to a younger demographic, bright colors and bold fonts are a great way to grab the attention of GenY. If your audience is other businesses, keep things more simple. Die cuts, the right font choice, and a glossy or matte finish can help you stand out.
  • Make sure your logo and any constant design themes are present. Become easily recognizable by being consistent with your brand design. Whether it’s the use of the same colors or a logo in the same location, follow through with the same concept on each marketing message.


 Having a printer or the right copiers in-house can be expensive. If you choose to outsource printing services, make sure you look for a vendor that offers a wide variety of printing options from cuts to the finish of the paper.

  • Choose a business that has experience with businesses similar to yours. Not only will they be able to provide insight into design and strategy, the printer can also sometimes provide education on what has been effective and what hasn’t.
  • What will be most effective for your business, such as a brochure or a simple one sheet, is dependent on your industry. However, make sure your message is on professional-grade paper and is of high-quality.

Direct mail marketing isn’t dead. Businesses just need to find the ways in which this method works best for their campaign, industry and audience. Focus on your copy, the design, and how your print your marketing message. A more focused, and targeted, approach could lead to greater results stemming from your direct mail campaigns.