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Inbound Marketing or Outbound Marketing ?

Inbound Marketing is all about creating complelling content which attracts new visitors online and gives you highly qualified sales leads. Inbound efforts varies from changes in a web page to a piece of content , to changing a CTA  ( Call To Action ) on a inbound form etc. Now more number of CTA buttons on a webpage have proven to increase the the number of clicks. Now not only is Inbound Marketing a very dynamic effort, it also requires a lot of testing on to see what works and what doesnot.

Companies have started relying on inbound marketing to drive their sales. Creating content is a challenge for most of the companies since it requires a permanent resource plus  ROI on content is not easy to measure. However budgets across the globe for content creation and curation have increased which clearly shows that the companies are benefitting out of this to ibe interested investing money in this.

A eg of such a content marketing effort to increase the sales is below. We created a piece of content which included real people and real stats in the article here. Now we also created a infographic featuring the data in the article in form a infographic. We provided a embed code to embed the infographic . Now after publsihing this article we reached out to the people mentioned in the article on twitter and informed them about how we have mentioned them in a article.

In exchange not only they dropped a comment and visited out site, they were generous enough to share our infographic. To make the best use of this , we placed a sales form on all the pages of our website making sure its easy for any one to reach us incase they were interested in our services.

This strategy worked and we were able to see a increase in twitter engagement and incoming leads through our sales form.Most importantly the quality of the leads is very high since all the incoming leads already know what are our product and services. They will only fill in the form if they are interested . So this increases the conversion rate as well . Outbound is getting out too mainstream and people have started giving up on sales calls. Mainly because its too intrusive and less knowledgeable.

You should also come up with some sort of content  ideas that can boost your traffic. Check our blog here to know more about sales and marketing.