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Industrial marketing is boring! Do you agree?

The complex business buying decision, involving many people, has always been the primary talking point among marketing professionals. The common belief that only push marketing strategy works well in B2B domain leaves known and traditional approach of direct marketing at the core of strategy formulation. Is it true that the other counterpart, i.e. pull marketing strategy, only suits need of B2C domain in today’s “era of communication”? The answer is definitely NO.

“In B2B, pull marketing refers to make yourself known in your target market as a solution provider to a business problem and expect people to reach out to you to find more information about you and your offerings.”

At various stages of the buying cycle, decision makers are in dire need of relevant information through available channels. Providing a well developed and informative content in the form of white papers, articles, blogs and videos among others helps you nurture them to an inevitable decision to do business with you. After being qualified as a potential partner, company website, search results from keyword queries, social media recommendations, and trade publications presents a window on digital platform that further conform engagement to establish a two way communication medium between you and buyers. And, who does not want familiarity before actually meeting your sales representative or issuing sales order. Pull marketing has ability to shorten the sales cycle by giving prospect plenty of chances to either learn about you through print media or conduct research on Internet.

An effective marketing and communication strategy comprises a balanced combination of both Push and Pull marketing approach, connecting influencers at each node of decision making process. A good job in pull marketing leads additional benefit of some terrific push marketing, as your community of believers pushes you to their own social networks.