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INFOGRAPHIC: How often should I socially post? Where and when to socially promote your B2B content.

Written a great blog or article? Spent hours writing, editing, seeking approval and publishing? Perfect!… as long as you take the next step and promote your hard work.

Social neglect is a common problem when it comes to content marketing. But your social channels offer huge value if leveraged properly: from enhancing targeting to raising brand awareness, boosting authority as a B2B thought leader, and benefiting your traffic.

But if you’re not sure how, when, why or where to promote your content, these are the things you’ll need to consider.


Essentially, our guide above (inspired by the lovely people at Coschedule and their post on how to promote your blog on social media) is an outline to when, where and how you should socially promote your content.

This guide works for a wider range of content than just your own blog however. For best results, you should be socially promoting any form of content you create: from articles to news pieces, infographics, slideshares… the list goes on! 


Essentially, the guide above details a scheduled posting frequency for promoting one piece of content. Each tick on the chart represents one unique social message for that content – though the networks, times and frequencies that you use to promote your content will vary to what is listed here.

Remember that this is a rough guide, and dependent on your business, industry, content and social accounts: your own schedule should likely change a little.


You don’t need to be active on all social channels: it’s best to begin working with just the ones valuable to your target niche.

Putting a focused effort into one or two networks is much better than taking a disparate approach to five or six social channels, especially if those channels are more B2C, and don’t relate to your business.

So don’t worry if you don’t have an Instagram or Tumblr account. If you’re working in a B2B environment they may be irrelevant to you for the moment. Keep an eye however, as once you get more social time and your social promotion amplifies, there may be aspects of other networks that are valuable.

At Strategic we mainly focus on our company Twitter account, Google+ (as there are a lot of reasons you should be on there), and our LinkedIn posting rotates between company, showcase and personal LinkedIn accounts – this is why the graphic shows a LinkedIn post at each time interval. If you are only posting to your company page or personal account, you may want to reduce your number of LinkedIn posts.

Your own B2B social schedule is likely follow a similar vein, but be sure to reflect on your needs and goals before deciding where your business should promote its messages.

Rotate your LinkedIn activity between your company page, showcase pages and personal accounts for an even spread

For more information on the Strategic B2B social marketing strategy, see this infographic.

For more detail on frequency per social channel, post scheduling tips and more see the full article here.