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Information Technology’s Role in Modern B2B Marketing

Interacting with leads and closing them successfully is the trademark of an effective marketing campaign. But what is the role of technology in this scenario? Has it been a huge help? Certainly. Are there certain drawbacks that make it not worth valuing?
Here are some ways technology help businesses in closing leads more effectively:
In lead generationBrought about by years and years of experimenting and studying, new technologies are transforming how businesses manage the sales funnel. Various sales and marketing automation tools have become popular in recent memory because they make it more efficient to:
  1. deliver more leads into the sales funnel – Because many leads are easily identified, a lot of them would be passed on to the next levels of the process.
  2. track their progress through the sales funnel – The functionality of the tools makes every progress measurable.
  3. make their movement through the funnel faster – With the available data, it’s easier to identify which leads have more potential, thus enabling them to develop faster than others.
  4. convert more leads to clients – Naturally, as the funnel saturates, more leads would eventually turn into closed deals and contracts.
In the entire marketing process in general
  1. IT enhances efficiency in operations. There are several operations in a business that would be crippled entirely without technology, such as the inventory management, budgeting, preparing and making presentations; or analyzing sales statistics.
  2. IT promotes customer service. IT is vital in providing better and faster communication with customers especially in times when they need immediate responses. This technology is manifested through messengers, mobile applications and chat services.
  3. IT develops marketing innovation. IT paves way to the use of on-line databases, direct mail services, external segmentation packages such as MOSAIC and ACORN, and the provision of electronic banking services.
  4. IT facilitates outsourcing. Most business rely on outsourced lead generation services companies to perform some of their marketing tasks. Typically, vendors may be located remotely, so the partnership thrives on technology for them to maintain smooth communication and coordination.  Through the use of an efficient Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, marketers can have an ‘extended department’ from thousands of miles away.

Thankfully, technology has evolved adequately to make marketing tasks easier for businesses. This not only helps strengthen the connection between marketers and audiences, but it also appeals to the buyer at an emotional plane helping businesses sell their products and services more powerfully.


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