Integrated agencies are not islands

When working with an integrated agency clients benefit from a consistency of message across all channels, and that’s not all, says Daniel Owen

We’re steadfast in our belief that the best integrated agencies can serve the needs of clients requiring specialised services.

This isn’t just about finding a good match. The right marketing partner should also be able to combine a wide range of services from a single source to provide added value to the relationship.

In B2B, it’s common for there to be many different touch points. Some clients prefer digital media, others press or social. Whatever the preference, all channels must be maximised to get full coverage for their brand.

Our approach to prospective clients is simple. A guarantee that when using us as their integrated agency, they can look forward to multiple disciplines from one place, working towards a single-minded cast-iron strategy. If you use a digital agency, they will only recommend digital channels. If you use a PR agency, they will only recommend a PR route. With an integrated agency, a multi-channel offer ensures the correct medium is chosen to communicate.

Our 3D, web, digital and design teams all sit close by, so with every project there’s the scope for internal collaboration. With this proximity, work becomes infectious as new creative angles are shared to improve the results.

It makes for a well-balanced approach. Not digitally- or print-focused but creatively-focused, enabling the client to put their trust into the relationship. This allows us to then select from our creative toolbox and choose the most appropriate channel to meet the challenge head-on.

When the client really trusts you to deliver – when we develop a deeper understanding and act as a critical partner – that’s when we can live and breathe the brand to push the boundaries further. Integrated agencies like Armstrong are often happy to work autonomously, without a brief, and at the drop of a hat.

The overriding benefit for clients is the consistency of message across all channels – the only way for the work to be at its strongest and best. But there’s also the fact the process can be streamlined and simplified, saving time in project delivery. There’s only one account manager, one point of contact for them to deal with, and a transparency throughout the whole process.

Clients requiring specialised services don’t need to keep writing briefs when they work with an agency that combines resources. The best ones are more agile to their needs, reactive and responsive on demand.

This is integrated, not islands. Never veering off course, no conflicting ideas. Just a consistent, well-balanced, multi-channel approach to best serve the brand. And it works. Take our recent work for Bucher Emhart Glass, for example. We conducted an audit of their global customers and identified its point of difference. As one of the only companies in the world who offer machinery for both container glass forming and inspection, they could achieve far greater efficiency through integration.

We created the brand, ‘End to End: Stronger Together’. We devised and developed an animated video and supported it with a range of collateral for launch at glasstec, the industry’s largest annual exhibition. Our campaign delivered strategy, creativity and results in equal measure.

This project wouldn’t have got off the ground without our multi-channel resources coming together to each add something extra to the mix. It’s why we firmly believe that when clients require specialised services, it’s integrated all the way.

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