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Interest in Pinterest

Now that Google Plus has been swallowed into your daily to-do list it must be time to add another social network to the pile.

Welcome: Pinterest.

Although it was actually launched way back in March 2010, Pinterest only really started grabbing the headlines towards the end of last year when its visitor numbers started to swell. The site is now said to be averaging around 11 million visits per week.

It is essentially a giant community pin board onto which anyone (that requests an invitation) can add visually-led posts for users to comment on and recommend to others.

In many ways it’s only worth going for it if you have strong creatives to share. But, if you do, you can expect a decent return for your time. And this is despite Pinterest’s apparent consumer-facing image.

Your best B2B snaps and video content will have to battle it out with cats doing funny things and posts of celebrity hairstyles other people are OMG-ing at. But compelling content does have a way of rising to the top. And, once Pinterest begins to categorise content a bit more neatly, cut through will become easier.

To be honest, Pinterest is not quite ‘must-use’ for B2B yet. But the extra search prowess, links, content distribution and touch point the network offers aren’t worth turning your back on entirely.

B2B brands with the right content to leverage could easily find success on Pinterest. After all, Twitter was once regarded as a no go area for B2B brands. And just look at us all now.

Have you seen Pinterest? What do you think?