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International Book Distribution and Marketing.

Real Dream Publishing is looking for international institutions who can help with the marketing, distribution and sale of our printed books.

Real Dream Publishing (PTY) Limited is a publishing house that caters for the ordinary person, taking their work and growing it in stature until it reaches the greater audience. This is done through publishing and marketing their work and turning a dream into reality.

Unfortunately due to the high risk of publishing an un-known author, where returns from sales cannot be guaranteed. Taking into account that the publishing industry is not controlled by the publisher or even the book seller but relies on the public demand for a specific literary work and this in an area where there are many titles to choose from. The risk to the publisher remains too great a risk to carry the burden of publishing works that may or may not sell. Thus in order to limit the potential financial impact of publishing an unknown author who may not be successful Real Dream Publishing requires that first time authors front the capital for publishing their work. The returns for their capital investment are in the form of royalties based on book sales. For this reason an aggressive marketing program is practiced. The author in this instance receives the initial cost per book that they paid over and above which they receive sixty percent (60%) of the profit in the form of royalties paid to them on a quarterly basis.

 In the event that the manuscript appears to be good but that the author due to financial restraints cannot afford the capital to publish then the option is presented to the author where a page is made available to a company for advertising. This will be limited to a prescribed number of publications and the sale of the space in question will include the advertiser’s logo on the front of the book cover. The cost and frequency of the panel will be determined by the publishing cost of the book. Here the author will receive royalties not exceeding twenty percent (20%) and no less than four percent (4%) only.

Where an author goes into a second edition based on achieving the milestone of one thousand (1000) books distributed through public demand there is a revised contract that is entered into between the parties. In this case and where a well known author is signed then Real Dream Publishing purchases the rights for the book from the author for a sum not exceeding ten Dolars (US$10.00) per copy to be printed under the terms of the duration of the contract. In this instance the author will be paid royalties not exceeding ten percent (10%).

Real Dream Publishing strives to market and distribute their books internationally. This includes the marketing and sale of e-books. Electronic books are made available for a download at ten percent (10%) of the retail cost of the printed copy. In the case of electronic book sales the author will only receive a percentage of the royalties according to their contracted agreement.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and even more so to the business at hand.