International Women’s Day

It’s international Women’s Day and in the name of girl power I’ve pulled together some excellent content from a few B2B ladies out there.

Hanne Tuomisto-Inch, industry head of B2B at Google spoke to us about the challenges the search giant faces and Annabel Pritchard, London 2012 sponsorship director at Deloitte, also sat down with us to discuss how she’s marketing the professional services company on one of the world’s biggest stages – The Olympics.

Robyn Pierce, social marketing lead at The Crocodile and Alison Jones, marketing manager at Coast Digital both wrote stand out chapters in our latest Twitter Best Practice GuideRachel Cummins has penned a couple of informative and popular how tos for us and Marchai Bruchey, CMO of Thunderhead who walked away from this year’s B2B Marketing Awards with four trophies, tells us what she thinks the next big thing in B2B will be.

While the feature we ran last year on women in marketing came to the conclusion there is no gender divide in B2B marketing, I still see far more men at industry events, contributing to articles and heading up marketing departments. So where did all the girls go? Do we take a back seat and focus more on children and family commitments? If that’s the case for some, is that such a bad thing? Or perhaps we’re less likely to get out there and talk about what we do?

While I don’t get the impression B2B marketing is explicitly sexist, there do seem to be more men than women. Why?