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It's tech Jim but not as we know it

I’ve come across a lot of tech news recently which strictly speaking isn’t all B2B-related, but it still aroused my curiosity enough to take five minutes away from my everyday work tasks. It also cemented in my mind, the fact that technology and social media move quicker than Usain Bolt with a rocket up his lyrca-clad backside.

As tech updates go, there was news of an underwater tablet device. Handy, I suppose, if you’re checking out news content from the comfort of your bath tub. Or you’re a deep-sea diver with a penchant for Angry Birds. Then there were rumours of a smaller iPad version from Apple. A smaller iPad? So you mean an iPhone then...?

As for developments in social media land, recent stats published by Hitwise, revealed that the Moshi Monster social network ranked ninth most visited network at the end of 2011. Ninth! It was up there in the top 10 with the likes of LinkedIn and Google Plus. For anyone that doesn’t know about Moshi Monsters, ask the nearest six year old and they’ll soon enlighten you to the dolly-mixture, interactive, SIM-like world of these curious misfits. Sticking with the kids, Lego has also just launched its own social network. While there’s nothing remotely B2B with either of these social sites – it’s the little fingers behind the touchscreen keyboards and computer mice that will belong to the customers, clients and business leaders of the future. There’s now a growing plethora of digital natives in 2012 and the savvy organisation will take heed of how this technologically adept demographic will shape the way we conduct business in the years to come.

Tech in 2012 – it’s weird, wonderful and definitely warp speed.