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Keeping Clean and Clear B2B Communication Services

When jumping into the world of business-to-business sales and marketing, it’s very important that you have three clean and clear layers of communication available between yourself and your clients and vendors – phone service, email service, and physical mail. That means that every piece of communication that goes to you or from you should be perfectly organized, searchable, archived, and free from any kind of technological error or distortion. You may have taken these three for granted in the past, but as a B2B conduit, you have to understand the details of how these processes work just in case you ever have to fix anything quickly.

Phone Call Clarity                         

“I’m sorry, could you repeat that? My phone here is breaking up.” Have you ever run into that before, and typically at the worst possible time? Cell phones are notorious for having issues with service during important conversations, and landlines have their own sets of issues with frequency distortion, uncharged batteries, and extremely poor audio quality. For a fully professional setup that combines the best of web technology, check out VoIP phone services and related hardware. Pristine voice quality with snazzy related hardware is sure to be both effective and impressive when it comes to voice-to-voice communication.

Email Organization                                    

Lost e-mails. E-mails sent to spam folders. Unread e-mails. Accidently deleted e-mails. Poorly categorized e-mails. There is nothing worse that finding out that a potential client sent you vital information, and you didn’t act on it. To prevent this kind of communication breakdown, you have to make sure you have the right e-mail service set up and organized correctly. There are business e-mail systems out there that do this job automatically, so it is essential that you get this set up as soon as you are ready to do business. The deal of a lifetime can pass by simply because you never had a simply set of text to read. Don’t let that happen to you!

Physical Mail Organization

Does your business have a physical address and a P.O. Box? Are they checked regularly? And do you have everything, and I mean everything, organized and filed correctly, all the time? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘no,’ then it is time to reassess how your physical mail organization is working. Yes, a lot of business communication is done by phone and by e-mail, but not all of it. There are still plenty of reasons for paper mail to be sent, received, replied to, returned, etc. Make sure, as a new B2B practitioner, that classic post office mail is not lost in the shuffle. Especially for things like checks, money order, and bills, sometimes general post is the only way to send things securely. Make sure to have the proper procedures in place if you have an administrative department so that there are no questions of timeliness or order.

In the end, clear communication channels are an absolutely requirement for running a business, and they become even more vital when you start communication on a B2B level. There is a specific degree of professionalism and timeliness that is required when larger amounts of money and stock are involved, so don’t let simple messaging get in the way of success.