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Key To Effective Marketing: Personalized Messaging


Marketing can be a hit or miss affair.


A hit if it can capture the audience’ attention and generate sales leads, but it can be a miss if it actually irritates the audience or produce an unintended result.

This can be a puzzling situation for newbie marketers, but for the experienced ones (as well as those reading this article), it all comes down to personalizing the message. A successful appointment setting campaign is not so much content as it is to target. Matching your content and medium to your audience actually gets you the B2B leads that you are looking for.


To tell you the truth, there are so many marketers who blast their audience with generic marketing messages.


Sure, this is easier to do, and way more affordable and less time-consuming, but in terms of results, it will not amount much at all. No one wants to read a ‘Dear Mr. X’ letter or hear a ‘Dear Consumer’ commercial, mind you.

If you want to be more effective in lead generation, then you should ensure that the message you send is crafted to match each of your intended audience. You will need a lot of data for this, so you might want to start with a telemarketing survey before going straight to your promotions.


Yes, this is more hard work, but if it can improve your marketing campaign by a notch or two, then why not? In this highly competitive business environment, the lead generation campaign that can bring in the most sales leads would be the most successful.


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