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Last week's top B2B Marketing downloads

Away with the blustery showers and heavy winds as London gears up for a week of balmy weather, B2B marketers seem to be turning the heat on lead generation and content strategy.

From inbound to outbound generation, content creation to the customer decision process, 4CM’s latest whitepaper Lead generation - What it takes to make a sale tackles the problem head-on. As well as providing an archive of 1950’s stock images, the paper demonstrates how, when armed with the necessary lead gen skills, even small and medium sized companies can succeed against bigger, better resourced competitors or industry leading brands – despite the crowded, noisy and cost-cutting marketplace.

Meanwhile Citrix are caused a stir with PEM – positive emotional messaging – in their insurgent paper Your buyer 2.0 marketing strategy overhaul kit. This ambitious step-by-step guide shows marketers how to reinvent their marketing plan to fit the needs of the ever-evolving modern buyer.

Are B2B marketers just paying lip-service to customer centricity? was the question posed by Squiz and B2B Marketing as they collaborated in researching whether companies are really aligning with their customers. The resulting 23 page report contains research analysis, key findings and customer centricity best practice advice.

Registrations soared for Oracle and Linkedin’s upcoming webinar How do you operationalise social selling?, the sequel to last month's Who owns social selling?. Perhaps one of the hottest topics of the recent B2B Summit 2015, this webinar is set to explain its prevalence, instruct as to which department should have responsibility, and provide tips on how to make it a success. For those of you who haven’t, it’s not too late to sign up today for broadcast on 30 June.

And finally, ever wondered where webinars go to die? Indeed, their lifespan has traditionally been very limited beyond the initial live date. ON24 gleaned several downloads with their whitepaper Keys to building a webinar on demand strategy which explores the relatively untrodden ground of webinar revival.

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