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Laziness – A Winning Appointment Setting Mentality

Now, before anyone begins protesting about the title above, I would like to qualify the statement first. Being lazy is not about failing to generate any sales leads at all. Rather, it is about generating the best B2B leads in the fastest time possible so that they can have more free time for themselves. This is a useful rule in B2B lead generation in the Southeast Asian region, where pressure is high, and the need to unwind after every call is necessary. If you do what is required from you (plus the occasional extra), can anyone blame you if you just want to take a break? Another thing you need to look at would be the disposition of ‘lazy’ marketers. Look for people with a lazy disposition, but with an excellent appointment setting history. Usually, they exhibit ADHD symptoms, so they tend to do this their way. Let them do so. After all, they are the type of people who will not take no for an answer. For the sake of not repeating their work, or to lighten up their load, they will do their best to reach your requirements. They can be relied on to do it, since that will be to their advantage. Of course, you can also try getting the help of professional telemarketing services. Outsourcing the work to others who know their craft can be an advantage to your business. At least you will have more time to concentrate on your core capabilities. You can be in a better position to generate B2B leads. This Content originally appeared at b2bappointmentsettingtelemarketing.blogspot.comOr visit