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Learn How To Set Business Goals!

Ochre Business Solutions have a great vision about empowering growth and excellence by delivering knowledge and tools that will create a catalyst for change.

The Certificate in Money Management (CMM)

The CMM programme will give you new skills and knowledge about how you manage your money and develop a personal financial plan.

It is a 20 week programme that will learn you how to develop awareness of your current financial position and money habits and what you like to achieve financially. The programme will learn you how to set financial goals, managing debt, home ownership, property investing, kiwisaver, setting up a family trust, wills, insurances and investing into businesses or the sharemarket.

The programme also gives you knowledge how to prepare you for independence or retirement and some key aspects of home ownership & property investment and key concepts relating to share markets.

The Certificate in Small Business Management (CSBM)

This programme is for you with a business or a business idea who want to have more business skills and get more knowledge to developing and managing a small business. You will learn the fundamentals of NZ business and in the end of the programme you will have a complete business plan to show for your funders/investors. You will also learn how to do your business taxes, complete a financial plan, how to do a market research, complete a marketing plan, setting up a company online, understand your employer obligations, complete an operations plan and undertaking a SWOT analysis.


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