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Less Facebook, more face-to-face

We live in an age where digital now plays an inherent role in both personal and business communication.

Digital is a great tool, allowing us to inform and engage with colleagues, clients and partners at the touch of a button – globally. So what more could anybody need?

Face-to-face communication - that’s what! We are proudly flying the flag for communication that's really ‘alive’!

We are launching the campaign ‘less facebook, more face-to-face’ highlighting the importance of creating harmony between digital and live communication

A provocative title - this campaign does not favour either digital or live solutions, it draws upon the importance of a harmony between the two. We have been answering to a desire and need for programmes that focus heavily on sustaining a real and meaningful conversation for our clients with their customers.

We transform our clients' live experiences, developing and delivering programmes that (so far) this year include;

EMEA-wide road shows taking our team from London to Warsaw, Kuwait to Copenhagen... and beyond.

Client focused programmes that engage with sector specific niche audiences creating communities from media, enterprise architects and independent service vendors.

Motivational sales kick offs and workshops for teams ranging from 150 to over 1000.

Development programmes that had delegates defusing land mines (!), rebuilding a ruined 13th century Chapel and taking over an entire island.

Reward and recognition programmes hosted in glamorous five star hotels that not only celebrate the best of the best but take them on journeys through ancient Egypt, under the sea and showcase company growth and evolution.

It would be interesting to hear others thoughts on this - can one function without the other? - We think - not!