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Leveraging Linked In connections for new business

Just had this call with a client

“I found out who will be chairing the Government committee – should I connect with them on Linked In?”

Yes, yes, yes.  Connect immediately – BUT integrate this with your new business development strategy.

  1. Write a careful introductory email requesting the connection.
  2. Include the context of the committee chairmanship and check if you have common connections so you can reference them too
  3. Ask for a phone chat or meeting as a follow up after the invitation to connect has been accepted
  4. Use this to start a new business dialogue.

Key to making this work for new business is to spot the Opportunity to connect with someone who has the potential to collaborate with you professionally.  Get into the habit of thinking outside the box with regard to making connections – for example – try to connect with their colleagues who are 2nd degree connections.  Think of an overlapping area of interest, or ask their advice when making that connection request – most folks love to give advice.