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Life without social

We’re pretty spoilt when it comes to the internet. Nowadays it’s unusual for a coffee shop, shopping centre or hotel not to have free Wifi – even London Underground stations have it. So when the internet fails it is more than frustrating, in the workplace it can bring some of us to a complete standstill. As I’m writing this I have been brought to one such standstill, so I thought I’d use this time wisely to reflect on what life would be like without social media:

We would be less nosey, but less knowledgeable. Social media (especially Facebook) means we’ve all become pretty nosey when it comes to other peoples lives. But without sites with a real-time news and opinion feeds we'd struggle to stay up-to-date.

It would be difficult to stay in touch. Sometimes it’s pretty difficult to pick up the phone. Social offers people and brands a simple way to maintain and nurture relationships; making those awful 0800 customer service numbers redundant.

Brands would still be spending the majority of their budgets on big ad campaigns in order to be seen, instead of showcasing their human side and personality on social (for much less money). 

Finally, the selfie probably wouldn’t exist…imagine that.