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Make an impact with updated and integrated direct mail campaigns

A simple direct mail campaign can sometimes have as strong of an impact as the loudest, most impeccable digital campaign.

Why? Because, as consumers, we experience the best websites, digital content and emails on a daily basis. Having that perfect website, social presence and a focus on website usability is important and increasingly "expected." But, these factors are no longer differentiators.

A well orchestrated direct mail campaign is an effective marketing tool and can cut through online chatter while complementing the digital programs you have in place. In their 2012 Channel Preference Survey, ExactTarget found that 65% of consumers who received direct mail either made a purchase or engaged in other calls to action.

Direct mail is an old method of reaching out, but it isn't outdated. Here’s how you can use it in new ways:

Use Data (big or small) to Personalize Your Work
Make your work feel relevant to the recipient. Go beyond just personalizing their name. Tweak the content, offer and design to connect with your prospect.

If you plan on following up, acknowledge the initial message and build upon it. For example, if you know someone responded to a newsletter on bee-keeping you can add that knowledge to the content and design of your follow-up direct mail. E.g. "We would like to invite you to an upcoming honey-farming event in your community."

Take Advantage of Tangibility
One awesomely simple point one of our Performance Marketing Experts made was, "If it looks good, feels nice and screams for interaction, I am more likely to open it." 

Incorporate interactive elements, different textures and new design ideas to add a sense of discovery to the experience. 

Blend Across Channels
If direct mail offers the first touch, digital channels drive long-tail interaction. Choose the appropriate channels to further engage your prospects. You can add QR Codes to direct mail and drive them to a personalized landing page, your website, video portal or your Facebook fan page for further interactivity.

There is really no limit to what you can do with direct mail. Invest some time to make it stand out through creativity & interactivity. Your direct mail campaign may not reach prospects through new technology, but it will definitely be different.

Our Direct Mail Superheroes

We utilized the ideas featured above in a recent direct mail campaign that had elements of fun, interactivity and personalization.

We decided to use an Avengers inspired activity set to bring out the inner Marketing Superhero in our prospects. The package included a superhero cutout and markers, themed tattoos, a personalized letter and a copy of the Avengers comic book. The actual "gift" from us was about them and encouraged fun. 

Yes, marketing is a serious business – but really what creative marketer wouldn't be tempted by the opportunity to color a superhero that represents them?

We blended across channels by creating a landing page that invited customers to connect via social networks. These were the next steps in the communication process. So, we offered them additional information on our call to action while restating the promotions and encouraging social engagement.

The Marketing Superheroes effort was simple in its delivery.

The landing page added an online element, but its main entrée was paper, markers and a business card placed in a package. Yet, we all agreed that it was a unique way to reach people. The kit has been very well accepted and we've (until now) received a 47 percent response rate and a few (well-deserved!) praises from prospects who loved our approach, creativity and effort!

So, don't rule direct mail out just yet. Give your customers the opportunity to have a simply "them" moment to be creative, open a personalized "gift" and think of themselves as a Superhero. After all, it does take a superhero to handle the marketing demands of today's world! And, we’re here to help.