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Make Online Video Work For Your Business

If you’re a marketer you’ll probably know all about the benefits of video and how it can help improve conversions, but if you’re not, you’ll probably not know how to use video effectively for your business.

We will look at different approaches your business can use video to help improve traffic, and hopefully improve conversions too.

Capitalise On Music Videos

We live in an era of wacky music videos and annoyingly addictive songs, which can be used in a way to promote a business or its services.

An example of this was the incredibly tedious tune of ‘Gangnam Style’. Being one of the biggest internet sensations of the last 5 years, it was always going to be a gateway for tons of Parody videos. The below video is called ‘Inbound Style’ and includes an office creating its own spin on the song by PSY.

Video Social Responses

Responding to questions and feedback from customers through social channels is important, and being quick is easily so. Using a text-based response works perfectly well, but you could always try to incorporate a video-based reply to be more interactive.

Warby Parker do this extremely well on Twitter, using video to respond to their feedback which helps them connect to their followers on a personal level. Keeping things visually captivating allows your audience to feel involved and means you can produce great content at the same time.

The ‘Sexy Appeal’ Effect

If your business has a product or service that is quite flexible in how it can be promoted, the ‘sex appeal’ approach could be well worth considering. Hub.TV created a video for AXE hair products which did exactly that.

Using content that incorporate clever targeting tactics will help people to remember the video, without trying to push an over promotional message. The cliché ‘Sex Sells’ is true, but don’t be too sleazy because it can have the adverse effect.

Create A Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is a fairly old technique but the reason it has stood the test of time is because it works. Regardless of how long your content is, using a whiteboard animation video will allow you to create a video that is longer, but manages to maintain the attention of the audience which may have been lost in an ordinary format.

The only downside to whiteboard animation videos is that if you do decide to get one created professionally, you could be looking at a starting price of £2,000, but they are well worth the investment.