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Make People Read Your Book- Create A Buzz by Online Book Marketing Strategies

 Ever since the advent of the first published book in 1440 and even before that, reading has served as a means of enlightenment, knowledge, freedom and a food for the intellectual cravings. One could, therefore, easily ascertain the position that books and authors hold in the lives of the reading population. However, letting the readers know about the book is the first important step that authors need to take in order to become successful.

Book Promotion- Creating a Reader Base

Have you dreamt of being an author all your life and have now successfully written and published a book? Well, these are just the tip of the iceberg. If you wish to become a renowned author, it is important for you to first of all create an appreciable reader base. And this is where the entire concept of book marketing comes into play. While the yesteryear book marketing business relied largely on print advertisement, book signings, reading sessions, offline book tours and the like, the modern way of publicizing a book largely consists of doing things the virtual way. Whatever be the way of doing things, the importance of letting the readers know about the book hasn’t changed one bit. After all, that is the entire point of book promotion.

Ways to Promote Books Online

There are a number of avenues open to one when it comes to publicizing a book and making the talk of the reader’s town.

  • Social networking sites

Relationships, making friends and acquaintances have attributed with a whole new connotation what with the entire global picture undergoing a virtual makeover. If you are an author looking to produce effective results for online book promotion, this is one of those media that you could try out.

  • Writing a blog or creating a website

Blogs and websites are one of the best ways of creating an appreciable reader base and letting them know about your latest book. You could open an all-exclusive website for your book and create a blog section and promote your website extensively.

  • Free book promotion websites

The World Wide Web hosts a number of such sites that allow authors to promote their books absolutely free of cost. You could easily choose a site from biggies such as, Goodreads, Book Talk, Wattpad, Kindleboards and the like in order to let the reading population know all about your book. Authors can easily create an appreciable reader base in this manner owing to the wide exposure that they receive.

  • Book review sites

Book review sites are another way by which you can promote your book and reach out to the reading population at large. A positive review always serves as a key to reliability. Readers upon getting a positive feedback from the review sites on your book will tend to put their faith in it. Not only will this expose your book to a wider range of reader, but will also make sure that people read it. Hence, book review sites can be seen as an indispensible book marketing tool.