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Manufacturing Industry Marketing: The Value of Videos on Your Website

There is more than just anecdotal evidence to suggest that manufacturing companies who take the time to create a promotional video that can be used...

There is more than just anecdotal evidence to suggest that manufacturing companies who take the time to create a promotional video that can be used as part of their overall marketing strategy, are likely to stay one step ahead of their rivals.

If you are in the manufacturing industry and invest in creating some engaging and entertaining content for your video then you are much more likely to achieve a high level of brand awareness and lead generation.

Brand awareness

Custom sheet metal and hinge manufacturing company Midlake, are a good example of how to embrace video promotional opportunities and have enjoyed a high level of brand awareness thanks to their use of video to show customers what they can do for them.

Videos that are created with thought leadership as a primary objective are capable of helping you to build your business into an industry leader through a higher level of brand awareness than rival firms. A highly-compelling storytelling video is the perfect medium for generating a heightened awareness of your product and a good video has the potential to spread rapidly through social media channels if it is done right.

Keeping your customers

Video marketing is not just about prospecting for new customers, it is also the perfect platform for keeping your existing customers up to date with your latest products, which will also improve your customer retention and loyalty rates at the same time.

Some products can be difficult to encapsulate into words whereas a video can be a powerful tool in demonstrating its features and showing how it can improve your customers business, which gives them a strong reason to buy and maintain a long-term relationship with you.

Return on investment

You will find the general consensus of opinion amongst many marketing professionals is that a well-made B2B video will give you a great return on your investment.

The tactic of creating a marketing video is considered a proven strategy but at the same time it can be difficult to create, unless you take the time to consider what components you need for it to be perceived as a success.

Budget is always important and there are now more affordable production options than ever before, so you have to decide whether you will rely heavily on in-house resources or spend money on an outside production company. Quality is the other deciding factor in terms of success and whilst it is relatively easy to create a video, it is certainly harder to create good watchable video content.

Successful B2B video marketing

There are a number of best practices that you would be well advised to observe if you want to give yourself the best chance of enjoying a successful B2B video marketing campaign.

Consider your audience

Put yourself into the position of being the audience and consider whether the topic and style of the video is going to be something that you would be happy to watch.

Tell a story

It is particularly important to make sure that you lead with the story you are telling and not with your brand. A good video tells a good story first and foremost and should not resemble a thinly veiled product pitch, which people will soon see straight through and quickly navigate away from the site.

If you concentrate on showing how your product provides a solution rather than focus on the product directly, you will achieve a higher level of brand affinity and trust.

Get someone else to star

Whilst it might be tempting to stand in front of the camera and try to sell your company and product yourself, it is often better to get someone not connected with the business who has a technical reputation or knowledge to be able to talk about their perception of the product and provide a more subtle endorsement than if you tried to pitch the benefits directly.

Creating a well-made and compelling video for your website and for general marketing purposes has the ability to drive your business to new heights, it just needs to be thought out and planned to be as effective as it has the potential to be.