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The Many Ways For You To Best Market Your Smartphone Application

Businesspersons can’t emphasize the importance of marketing enough. It is just never enough how much you market your product. Marketing is a process that should never stop for a business, but it is important that it is done properly. Only the best and most lucrative marketing techniques should be used by businesses in order to ensure that they are getting the best return on their investments. If you are spending more and getting less, you need to change your marketing strategies. It is quite fortunate for new businesses that internet allows them to market their products in the simplest ways possible.

Creating a smartphone application can be a great way to make money. People have become billionaires and businesses have grown into giant international brands by simply marketing their applications the right way. Anything that appeals to the modern population of the world can suddenly go viral on the internet. Some people become international celebrities by accident too, but that is quite a rare case. It is wisest that you apply the best marketing methods in order to popularize your application around the world. Here are some ways for you to get people’s attention towards your application:

Use Your Social Networks

There is nothing more powerful than social networks. Social networks are the places where you meet people from all around the world. More importantly, you can always know the interests of these people from their profiles and the communities they are in. All you need to do is join the right communities and approach the right people with your news. You can share the link to your application on your social networking profiles. If your application is something that people might need, they will definitely go for it. Just make sure to approach the right audience.

Push Your Application To Application Stores

Now that you have already gone through the hassling phases of developing the application, you should not hold back from harnessing the powers of application stores. Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store are the giant stores available to the world. Google’s Play Store has a bigger audience whereas Apple’s customers are more willing to spend money on applications. For you, it would be best that you have your application uploaded to both the stores. This way, your application will be available to literally billions of people from around the world at any time.

Reply To People’s Reviews

Go on Google’s Play Store and you will realize that companies that like to interact with the reviewers of their products get good ratings for their efforts. This is the best practice for app developing companies and individuals. They must always reply to the comments from the users of their applications and address any issues they might have. The more you help them the more they feel like telling others about your application. Not responding to the comments from the reviewers has always been bad for the company since the users start to abandon the application for a better alternative.

Guest Blogging

You can always write an interesting piece about your application and then let the world know about it by doing the amazing guest blogging. In guest blogging you write a piece of material and then give it to a popular blog to publish it. The blog owner would review your content for its quality and post it if he/she likes it. There is a link included with your post that directs readers to your website or the page from where they can download the application. Just be sure to choose the right blogs for posting your guest posts.

Get Your Application Reviewed

Get your application reviewed from reviewing websites. Don’t be afraid that your application is new and that you might not be given a chance on popular websites. These websites are always looking for content because they have to provide something to their readers almost on daily basis to keep their businesses running. They would love to review your application and if you are giving people what they need, you will start seeing people downloading your application more and more.


Many companies have partnered with other companies to run their ads within their applications. It is just about finding the right company that is not in direct competition with you and also not completely irrelevant. Find links that can make you appear within the application of another company. If a restaurant has its application, you could partner with them to promote your dishware and culinary equipment when people are using their application.

Create A Mobile Website

Create a mobile website for your application. Make sure your website is pleasing to see and experience on mobile devices. People would judge your application a lot from the experience they get on your website. Furthermore, find a way to promote your application on your website by giving a preview or using a slideshow or video.

Use Marketing Firms

There are now firms that can help you with the marketing of your mobile applications. These firms have the right resources to approach a target audience and market your application in a way that it deserves to be marketed. These companies are great in that they not only help you with the marketing of your application but can also provide you proper consultation on how you should launch the application. An official from Leo Privacy Guard shares their experience with marketing firms saying “What they exactly do is that they take the project in their hands and use all the resources and methods required to market your application”. Well, that's right. Your job is more than half done when you get some professional help for your application launch.

Use The QR Codes

Your stamps, letterheads, business cards, website, stickers, vinyls, etc. can contain your QR code. People can quickly scan the code and know about your website and application. The idea here is to put the code in such a unique place and in such a unique way that people are compelled to scan it to know what it is about. If you are a business that can afford it, go ahead and have the QR code printed on your branded T-shirts.