Marketers: Take control

Last month we released the results of our Professional Development Benchmarking Report to shed light on how much resource is being invested in training in B2B marketing. Not only did the survey highlight what skills are highly valued in organisations and where core marketing competency gaps exist, it uncovered an array of challenges associated with training.

When we asked B2B marketers why there was an absence of professional development programmes, the two most selected challenges were a lack of time and budget, cited by 44 per cent and 41 per cent respectively.

Not totally surprising to hear, but is this excuse no longer acceptable? Maybe it’s not a case of saying it’s unacceptable, but more about overcoming these two issues that have, and always will, exist.

If your organisation is not well equipped when it comes to training and progressing the abilities of its employees, it shouldn’t stall your career progression. The only person that cares about your career is you, so take control. Taking responsibility means knowing where you want to be in the near future and what you need to do to achieve this.

If you can complete a training course through your organisation, do it. If your company doesn’t have a programme, find a course – if you can prove its worth I’m sure someone will sign off the cost. If professional development is a real hard win at work, take matters into your own hands and do some ad hoc training to supplement your skills.

Ensure you remain up-to-speed by scanning industry blogs in your down time or watching a ‘how to’ YouTube video on your lunch break. Learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom, there’s lots of inspirational materials out there, so don’t let these age-old problems hold you back.