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Marketing Plan : Bringing Flexibility to Video Conferencing

There are plenty of web conferencing solutions out there. But some are more flexible than others. To help you find out which one provides the best possible flexibility there is, here are some of solid choices in the field we picked out from lists out of Lifehacker, Digital Trends and the Search Engine Journal.

Blue Jeans

This is a web based solution designed to enable face to face interaction. It has plenty of features that make it the default choice for many companies intent on using video conferencing to upgrade their operationsand bring their business to the next level. Its room-to-remote capabilities allow users to go into a room and establish a connection to contacts anywhere in the world. This makes remote work a realistic option for companies. That means less travel for employees, contributing to reduced travel costs. From high definition video conferencing to screen sharing with Blue Jeans Network, users experience optimum flexibility as they share presentations, videos and spreadsheets on screen. With the screen sharing feature, along with highlighting and zooming capabilities, Blue Jeansensures that users see all types of content with ease. Whether for business or personal matters, this is a collaboration solution that works.

Google Hangouts

Out of many of these is the Google Hangouts. It’s a feature you automatically get the minute you sign up for a Google account. Definitely a cool freebie, as most freebies go. It’s easy to use, conveniently syncs to your Google+ account and has a ton of features that allow you to connect to your contacts as well as share photos, videos and files. You can count on Google Hangout’s basic features such voice, instant messaging and video chats to take care of your everyday communication needs. There’s also location sharing for instant online updates and free calls to mobile as well as landline numbers so long as you make the connection using Google Voice. Bluetooth functionality is also covered moving from one platform or device isn’t a problem. The only thing you’ll have to worry about with Google Hangouts are the constant barrage of updates from Google. It’s a fairly new system, compared to, say, Skype. That means tweaks, updates and changes. While knowing that the point of these changes is hopefully a better, faster service, constant revisions do get in the way of a smooth user experience. Imagine being in the middle of a conversation, one approaching a critical point, when—boom—an update takes place and you and your contacts are left hanging. One major plus of Google Hangouts, though, is that its group video calls can support up to ten users, including you. Unlike Skype, Google Hangouts offers that at no cost.


And then there’s Skype. Much like Google Hangouts, this video chat service offers group video calling capabilities. The main difference between the two, though, is that Skype offers its group video calls at a price. The maximum number of users that can be present for every group video session is five. Double that and you, or one of your contacts, need to sign up for a Skype Premium account before you get the ball rolling. If you’re ready to take the commitment that far, Skype offers plenty of bennies to keep your communication needs satisfied. With 299 million users, according to a report from Tech Radar, Skype is one of the oldest and most popular web chat providers around. With so many users, you can keep costs down with Skype to Skype messages, calls and video chats. That makes it a good choice for those looking to merge their personal and business contact lists.


If you want something simple, then give this app a go. In terms of user interface, it’s incredibly easy to use. However, the simplicity doesn’t stop there. Unlike other video chat services, this one doesn’t ask for a password, which is great news for people who have an awful time keeping, remembering and protecting their passwords. For log-ins, all you need is to input your name along with your phone number and your email address. It’s easy to use and has a simple log-in procedure. It won’t ask you to remember passwords. It won’t ask you answers to questions that require you to put in your pet’s name, your teacher’s name or any other obscure information you’ve already consigned to oblivion. Users of Apple, Android and Windows-based computers will find the service offered at absolutely no charge. Enjoy a fun game of tic-tac-toe or darts with anyone on your contact list while you talk to each other. However, Tango isn’t suited for business calls. So if you’re after the kind of video conferencing flexibility that allows you to switch between personal and professional calls, check out the other choices in this article.

Whether an advanced web based solution is the answer or one that offers you basic features, it really all depends on what you want. For some users, a little flexibility goes a long way. For others, only the best in flexibility and advanced systems would do.