MAY: B2B Marketing’s top 5

It's Friday and the last day of May, so we thought it was about time we took a look back over the top five subjects in B2B Marketing this month...

1. Myth Busting
If you haven't already noticed, we’ve been busy myth busting this month. The last issue identified 10 B2B myths parading as facts and gathered evidence to dispel them forever. Many of you enjoyed our epic 'myth busting week' and  some of you suggested your own B2B myths, such as: 'your products have to be perfectly aligned with your thought leadership content' and 'cold calling is no longer effective and is dying out'. 

The majority agreed we CAN measure social and content IS king, while others questioned whether sales and marketing will ever see eye-to-eye.

Are there any myths we’ve missed that we’ve missed that you’d like see busted in the future? 

2. ‘How not to’ guides
Want to find out how NOT to destroy your brand by misusing marketing channels? Well we're here to help!

Alex Aspinall, head of content, unveiled two more ‘How not to guides’ in May: ‘How not to use Facebook’ and ‘How not to use Google+’. You loved them so much they have won the title of ‘May's number one blogs’.

If there are any thorny issues that B2B marketers are struggling with that you think would make a great 'How not to guide' let us know.

3. The rise of brand journalism 
Getting rid of middle man (the journalist) and creating your own content can feel liberating. But it may not always be the best option. Our May feature investigates the rise of brand journalism, and discovers how in house journalists really work as James Aufenast, a former magazine journalist now working at marketing agency TMW, shares his insights.

4. Mobile websites
Some have hailed 2013 as the year of the mobile, while others believe B2B is simply playing a game of catch up, reigniting the debate: are mobile websites still just for the B2B giants, or can B2B brands join the party?

In May the popular social networks, blogosphere and even conferences were drowned with debate regarding going brands going from desktop to mobile as more research revealed the importance of having a mobile marketing strategy. But is there any truth behind these dramatic facts?

We unveiled 10 facts which attempt to prove mobile is 'the next big thing' and saw editor in chief, Joel Harrison argue: ‘let’s get real: mobile will never be a significant B2B marketing channel.’

But the debate reigns on: Look out for our Mobile websites feature in our June mag...

5. LinkedIn
Our top news story this month concerned the biggest professional social network. B2B marketers were extremely interested that 89 per cent of employers fill positions via LinkedIn and enjoyed the handy infographic.

LinkedIn came to our attention again yesterday when Alex Aspinall congratulated the network for unsubscribing him from its ‘Today’ email newsletter because he never opened them.

Is your organisation brave enough to adopt LinkedIn’s bold approach and unsubscribe those not opening the weekly email broadcast?