Meet the Marketing A-Team!

Battling to fight evolving communication demands or the ever-changing face of digital marketing? Never fear, your marketing superheroes are on their way.


The landscape of digital marketing has changed a great deal – and with changes come new challenges. In fact, 56% of marketers have struggled with acquiring the new skills and knowledge required to face said challenges. For many marketing departments, this means recruiting people with the power to allow agility within the department and build consistency for the brand across various platforms.


While individual superheroes can save the day, they are never more powerful than when they work as a team. Those Marvel Avengers are pretty unstoppable when they all work together!

The traditional marketing method relies on specialisation, however today’s super marketing team needs to be agile, connected and unified in a common goal.


So if you want to build a marketing organisation of the future, make sure you hire these superheroes …


Captain Community (aka Community Manager)

Much more than the ‘person who posts on Facebook’, the Community Manager is often the first line of defence when it comes to customer service and managing the reputation of your brand online - 52% of consumers expect a response within a day of posting a complaint to a brand’s social media profile.


Captain Community’s X-ray vision is legendary – as they most frequently engage with consumers, they are in prime position to see new and amazing marketing opportunities to help bring down the opposition! They are also lightning-fast, staying on top of the ever-changing world of social media with a desire to keep learning and improving.


Power PR (aka online PR Manager)

This is no ordinary PR Manager. But then this isn’t any ordinary PR job. The online PR Manager – or Outreach Manager – understands exactly how to build brand awareness, traffic and sales.


Power PR is a good at building relationships. They know exactly where to post a guest blog, are never too shy to ask for a link, and can craft strategic messaging that connects with future and current consumers at the drop of a hat.


This superhero also thinks like a media person – they’re on top of industry trends, what’s next for your brand, and understands what content is compelling for journalists and consumers alike.


Wonder Writer (aka content creator)

The biggest weapon that most marketers need to get a handle on is content. While a modern marketing team needs to produce content to survive, most are just not that good at it - only 32% of B2C marketers believe they are effective at content marketing.


That’s where Wonder Writer comes in. They will add polish to emails, entice consumers into your website with their wit and charm, and their insightful white papers will ensure your brand is seen as a thought leader. Words aren’t their only weapon either – they’ll also be adept at producing interesting visual-led content, including images and video.


Doctor Data (aka data analytics and SEO guru)

Doctor Data eats reports for breakfast, lunch and dinner! They not only understand how to get traffic to your website, but also what campaigns have brought results.


For most of us non-heroes, metrics are fairly nonsensical - a recent report reveals that only 28% of brands are able to measure the ROI of content. This is where Doctor Data comes in, sharing great insights to help improve your strategy, showing you what worked and what didn’t.


Throw in Doctor Data’s additional SEO skills, which will help get your website ranked in Google and increase traffic, and you’ve got a serious superhero powerhouse.

Super Sales (aka sales consultant)

For many years a battle has raged between marketing and sales, but this peace-loving superhero is here to bring harmony and unity.


The sales team now plays an earlier role in the buying process and Super Sales sees the impact their role has on conversions and making revenue.


Super Sales understands that the days of hard sell have gone and instead builds relationships. Their super savviness allows them to understand what customers want and how to help them find it.

 “Fifty-seven percent of the marketing automation adopters report strong collaboration [between sales and marketing] in capturing insight from customers and prospects, compared with 41% of those that are not automated. The dimension of administering leads and lead pipelines posted a collaborative advantage of 12%.”

The Forrester Wave™: Lead-To-Revenue Management Platform Vendors, Q1 2014


Things to think about:
  • Marketing automation software can be the key to success for any modern marketing campaign.

  • However, to unlock the true potential of marketing automation software, you need a team of people with the right knowledge and skills.
  • Is your team equipped to save the day?
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