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Memorable B2B campaigns from 2013

I was hosting a roundtable at the end of last year and we got talking about creative marketing campaigns. Someone said, with an air of frustration: ‘why are all the examples we’re talking about B2C?’

A fair question.

Because B2C is more inventive? Not a fair answer.

It’s because we spend a lot of time being B2B marketers (9-5 and beyond when a deadline beckons) but we spend more time being consumers and therefore B2C campaigns spring to mind.

So I thought I’d put together a little list of some of the B2B campaigns that caught my eye in 2013, so next time you’re looking for a B2B campaign example to go in a presentation, or to use to get buy-in, hopefully at least one of these will be front-of-mind.

1. GE and its ‘Brilliant machines’
This was basically a brand campaign designed to reinforce the brand’s ability to unite ‘big iron’ with big data to increase efficiency. And it didn’t hold back when demonstrating this. With the help of various Hollywood producers and actors, GE produced a series of videos that were far more appealing than your average CEO talking head video.

They resurrected Matrix’s Smith and went to warp speed with a Star Trek spoof. See the campaigns below.

Star Trek


2. Volvo and Van Damme

Need I say much more?! This B2B video made a massive impact in B2C circles, but it is 100 per cent B2B. 

3. BAE Systems stands out
BAE Systems demonstrated the extreme personalization possible with an exhibition stand by changing the music when certain prospects arrived. Its ‘stand’ at The Defence Security and Equipment International exhibition showed a presence at an event can and should go far beyond a banner stand.

4. IBM smarter cities

As part of its ‘Smarter planet’ campaign, IBM gave adverts a purpose when it turned them into shelters from the rain, luggage ramps and benches.

5. Arjowiggins
You can always count on paper manufacturer Arjowiggins for a visually stunning creative campaign. Paper is a product that’s fairly plain but Arjowiggins imaginative campaigns never fail to engage its audience.
Arjowiggins 'Curious matter'

Arjowiggins recycled paper

6. Brother’s label of love
Early in 2013 Brother UK launched a spoof video campaign to raise the profile of its labelling equipment among businesses and office managers in a memorable way.

Enter Briggite Duncan, label enthusiast, office services manager and star of Brother UK’s mocumentary spoof video.


What B2B campaigns stood out for you in 2013?