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Mergers and Acquisitions Activity Reaching Record Levels

With the UK economy seeing more Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) activity on the upswing, now could be the perfect time to hand the reins of your business over to the next entrepreneur. Reports on financial activity show that business sales and purchases are on track to reach record levels, so if you have been considering taking a new direction or if your business is up against a mega-trend that could dismantle your customer base, now might be the perfect time to get out.

Before you sell, you have to take the time to ask yourself ‘What is my business worth?’ and this is where KBS corporate can really help. Their team of specialists has a wealth of knowledge and can make sure that when you decide to sell a company you can do it feeling confident and secure.

KBS can put the pieces in place and help you answer the following questions:

How will you come up with a value for my business?

It’s a complex process but essentially we value your company by looking at your free cash flow, your expenses, and annual grosses. For example, if you have a service business that currently generates about £60,000 a year and runs about £30,000 in expenses annually, we would look at how much you declare each year for business expenses along with what you make in pure net profits and current market trends. Even though you make £60,000 annually, your business might be worth more.

What is the process of selling my company?

This will vary depending on the type of business you have. For example, selling a limited company is very different from selling a business that specialises in import and export. This is where our expertise really comes in to play and helps you get through the sale. We handle each case differently and take into account a multitude of factors to make sure that everyone benefits from a profitable and ethical sale.

Is it safe to sell my company?

You should always be concerned about working safely and securely, which is why a neutral party is so essential. KBS can ensure all transactions are ethical and honest so that you can be sure of the legality and security of your sale. We make sure all of the paperwork is in place and is clearly understood by both buyer and seller.

Will you just find one option for me?

At KBS, they look at the bigger picture. They know you won’t necessarily want to sell to a buyer who is looking to dismantle your business, and you may want to consider a few different offers. Luckily, they have national and international contacts so we are able to attain multiple offers for your business, allowing you to pick the one you feel most comfortable with.

There’s really no better time to sell your business, and with the help of KBS you can ensure a smooth, hassle free sale. Get in touch for a confidential consultation.