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Misconceptions of B2B marketing

For this, it is essential to understand what is at the base of B2B marketing and get rid of some myths that are holding this activity opportunities. 

Branding is not as important in B2B and B2C

In fact, the brand is more important in B2B than in B2C. Here's why: B2B buyer's journey is a long and complex process that often involves multiple decision makers.
In this context, the creation of awareness through brand may be more necessary in B2B, but many B2B marketers fall into the trap of investing in channels that reach only a small portion of recipients willing to participate, while the graphic and social investment in advertising can provide the necessary range to reach a wider audience.

Measurements of last clicks provide an accurate picture of the success of marketing

On average, a buyer interacts with a mark 4.3 times in the 48 hours prior to a purchase, according to Google. What does that mean? If the market value is measured only through this final stage of the marketing, the risk of distorting the ROI is very high.
To avoid that trap and make more informed decisions, salespeople can access the systems that provide information on the performance of all tactics.

Put the front of the right company makes successful B2B marketing

Take the lead in the right company is important, but more important is that people in that company are adequate.

B2B data are reliable because they are provided by private companies rather

The quality of data on digital advertising is a problem, and that the information is often inaccurate. To ensure accuracy, it is best to use a combination of multiple sources and systems using constant verification and data validation.

Display advertising doesn't get results

A comScore study found that respondents who saw the ads, search of a product were 82% more likely to buy the product that they were not exposed to the ad. However, when searching ads are matched with image ads, sales saw an increase of 119%.
Display advertising is extremely versatile and has an infinite range of possible strategies to adapt to any environment, making it the best companion for any advertising campaign.

B2B must deliver a message to businessmen in a business environment

Over 80% of people check their work email after leaving office, and 64% of employers spend time on sites unrelated to their work while they are in office. The boundaries between the professional and personal are blurred, making it easier for a customer to be achieved through various ways.

Entrepreneurs always want one marketing

The customization should take an opt-in approach as custom actions can reach violating the trust and invade the privacy of its customers. Brand image can be damaged if the first communications with potential customers are too personalized.