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Mobile Marketing or Email Marketing?

Hi my name is Steve Davie and I run a small Web site design and marketing business. For many years my company has used Email marketing to reach potential customers and also to gain repeat business. It was always a cost effective way of advertising and also for communication with clients but a few months ago I began to research further into what is known as Text/SMS Marketing and have not looked back since.

Text/SMS Marketing has been a very cost effective solution and has a fantastic ROI for both my company and also clients, who have been astonished at the response rate to their advertisements and offers. 97% of text messages sent are read and with 91% of us our mobile phone is never more than 3 feet away from us 24/7, these stats alone speak for themselves but with the power to deliver an Ad at a precise time and date this has to be the future of advertising as there are now 3 times more people with Mobiles than computers.

I would appreciate any feedback you may have or comments as I am very interested to see how other business owners portrait this,

Thank you for reading my post,