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The Mobile Messaging Advent Countdown - no. 2

To help you get ahead this Christmas period and ensure the success of your messaging marketing campaigns, we’re providing you with an array of top tips over the coming weeks as we count down to Christmas together. Think of this as your Christmas advent calendar of mobile messaging – with insight and advice rather than the not so melt-in-your-mouth chocolates, that you may be used to!

Behind door number two, the second top tip that we are going to provide you with is:

2. Keep it fresh

Keep your communications fresh and engaging, to maximise return.

You can do this by remembering the following points:

  • Ask for customer input – their feedback is essential in growing your business – encourage customers to interact by including links to attachments, mobile pages or mobile sites
  • Listen to your customers – act on their feedback and let them know that you have listened to them. The average basket/order value in the run up to Christmas is £224.75 and rising, so it is worthwhile ensuring that your customer feels valued
  • Target customers with your business’ USP in mind - targeting is key to engaging with your audience. Did you know that 32% of UK women will make more than one purchase on their phone a week? Now is the time to capture their attention
  • Provide an engaging customer experience - Your mobile messaging needs to be supported by accessible and updated web content. 30% of mobile shoppers will abandon a transaction if the experience is not optimised for mobile, while 57% of mobile customers will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load
  • Promote time-specific offers and events -  978m of spend will take place via mobile from 1st November to Christmas Day, so now is the time to create urgency for your customer with special offers and limited edition promotions
  • Vary offers – learn from previous customer activity; what have been the most popular offers and at what time of the day were they sent? Repeat those that work best

By adapting your messaging to match your business objectives you can ensure your mobile messaging is fresh and engaging all year round, but specifically during the countdown period to the festive season.

Join us next week for tip no.3 on mobile messaging – helping you to create successful messaging campaigns to connect with your customers this festive season.