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The Mobile Messaging Advent Countdown - no. 3

To help you get ahead this Christmas period and ensure the success of your messaging marketing campaigns, we’re providing you with an array of top tips over the coming weeks as we count down to Christmas together. Think of this as your Christmas advent calendar of mobile messaging – with insight and advice rather than the not so melt-in-your-mouth chocolates, that you may be used to!

Behind door number three:


3. Keep it short

Choose your words carefully. Get to the point straight away, clearly highlighting the benefit or reward to the recipient.


  • Your recipient wants to absorb the information in your message simply and quickly – try not to overload your text with too many words and work to 160 characters or less. On average, 99.9% of all messages will be read, with 95% of all messages read within 3 minutes.
  • Functional texts are a great way of engaging with customers, with short, snappy messaging and of course can integrate with other channels such as your website or social media to make use of video and other viral content. The most useful message sent by a business, according to 55% of respondents, is an SMS reminder. The next most useful was an SMS order confirmation (41%) and then a message providing offers, discounts or promotions for the recipient (38%).
  • 36% of respondents have opened and replied to a message from a business; use high level information and a clear call to action to encourage engagement.
  • On average, retailers will target 2.17 million retail opt-ins in the UK on a weekly basis between November 1st and Christmas Day, with a peak of 3.7 million people in Week 49. This is the busiest time of year for consumers, so ensure your texts are well thought out and include an opt-in to maximise ROI.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask a quick question of your recipients in your message – between Nov 1st and Christmas Day the UK’s m-commerce users will spend a projected £978 million through mobile transactions. That is a lot of m-commerce representing a very large not-to-be-missed mobile opt-in opportunity.

Only providing simple information in your messaging and coordinating with your other communication channels will always improve your return on mobile messaging, but specifically during the festive season.

Join us next week for tip no.4 on mobile messaging – helping you to create successful messaging campaigns this festive season.