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The Mobile Messaging Advent Countdown - no. 4

To help you get ahead this Christmas period and ensure the success of your mobile messaging campaigns, we’re providing you with an array of top tips over the coming weeks as we count down to Christmas together. I’m here to sprinkle a little festive cheer on your Christmas countdown!


Behind door number four:

4. Target your texts

Frequency: one quarter of businesses hold information on age, gender, location and preferences of their customers.  Because each mobile user is unique, based on this data, you can define how you believe that unique user would perceive your messaging communications; whether they would like to hear from you on a frequent (once a month or more), or infrequent basis (once a quarter or less).

Frequency will also depend upon your customer’s previous purchasing activity and whether or not you sell big ticket items, smaller, fast moving goods or a service; i.e. a car dealership may wish to communicate less frequently with their customers than a café or hairdressers due to the purchasing norms in this sector.

Segmentation: 25% of businesses say that they intend to segment their mobile database for future campaigns, leaving a little over one-third of businesses with no intention of segmenting its mobile database.

 Stay ahead of the competition by placing the same emphasis on segmentation of your mobile messaging, as with any other marketing channel such as email or direct mail – messaging is likely to bring you a greater open rate and ROI than these channels after all.

Message send times: timing is everything and mobile marketing is no different. From recent research we have found that 59% of respondents would welcome a message anytime, while 12% say that the most appropriate time to send a message is between 7-9am, and a further 12% between 9am and midday.

The best time for you to send your message may also be determined by your business, i.e. if you run a restaurant or takeaway, Friday and Saturday evening could likely be the best time for your business. By tracking the success of each message that you send and monitoring the time they were sent this should allow you to identify a pattern and help determine the most effective time for you to communicate.

 Join us next week for tip no.5 on mobile messaging – helping you to create successful messaging campaigns this festive season.